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Global LNG projects maintain momentum towards FID


Gas Strategies’ LNG Outlook 2018 identified a number of projects likely to take Final Investment Decisions (FID) this year.  As we enter Q2, it is time to look at how these projects – and others – are progressing towards FID over 2018/19.  

2017 LNG Demand: China and Europe drive growth

As 2018 dawns and the LNG world turns its attention to the supposed short-term supply glut, it is useful to pause and look back on what happened to LNG demand in 2017. Using provisional figures for full-year imports, Gas Strategies has compiled a summary of market movements.

The basics

Rebels without a clause? Japan challenges LNG destination restrictions.

The publication last month of the Japan Fair Trade Commission's investigation into destination restrictions in LNG contracts has attracted a lot of press attention, and has been billed as a move that will lead to more liquid traded LNG markets. The big law firms have also rushed to put out their own, very useful, legal interpretations of the JFTC report. But we haven't seen much real analysis of what the practical implications may be.

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