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18 March 2017

Hype versus reality: Digital visions for the gas industry

If you own or operate a gas-fired power station and want to reduce costs, increase efficiency, cut unplanned downtime or simply improve reliability, global energy suppliers will tell you ‘digital’ is the way forward. An increasingly prevalent buzzword, digital technology is evolving dramatically in different industries around the world. Phrases such as ‘internet of things’, ‘smart grid’ and ‘the cloud’ roll off the tongue as easily as flicking a light switch. In this article, Gas Matters examines what is driving technological change in the energy sector, and, in particular, assesses the opportunities for gas. At the same time, we cast a critical eye over the so-called digital ‘revolution’: is it really a revolution or more akin to a work in progress in a sector where ‘evolution’ has more often been the norm?

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