Gas Strategies provides a range of gas & LNG consultancy services to clients throughout the world all along the value chain and across their businesses. This includes working through all phases of project development – from early monetisation and development options, structuring and negotiation, financing and start-up. We work extensively in supporting businesses in improvement through investment decisions and development of organisations, tools and processes.

We support the development of new gas markets through supporting governments, import projects and full value chain gas and LNG to power project development. We work with incumbents, suppliers and new entrants to the energy industry alike in establishing, maintaining and growing market share through developing new commercial value chains, negotiating and structuring key agreements and projects.

We work closely with gas & LNG operators, buyers and sellers to optimise value chains – through both the development of operational excellence, restructuring of value chains and the resolution of commercial disputes in oil, gas and LNG including price review.

Working closely with vendors and bidders, we support divestment and acquisition of infrastructure, M&A processes and maximisation of asset value through operational and commercial optimisation.

Details of our global portfolio and examples of  our gas & LNG consultancy projects can be found on the pages below, if you would like further information please contact us.

Where We Operate


As a continent Africa represents a diverse mix of energy markets, each with its own unique set of opportunities and challenges.

Asia and Australia

In spite of an economic slowdown – as in the rest of the world – Asia remains a key market for gas and LNG. 


Canada boasts considerable gas resources – about 573 Tcf of technically recoverable shale gas resources – the fifth largest in the world according to the EIA.

Europe and Middle East

At a time when European indigenous gas supply is declining new hope is being placed on gas supply from the Caspian, eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East.

Latin America

Furnished with abundant, but so far under-exploited, potential resources, Latin America has a complex relationship with natural gas.


The shale revolution in the USA has changed the face not only of that market but of global energy markets. 

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