Managing Gas from Upstream to Market

The challenges of commercialising gas

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Managing Gas from Upstream to Market

Course Overview

This training course is designed to provide delegates with an understanding and insight into the principles and real-world challenges of commercialising conventional and unconventional gas resources in domestic and international markets.

Over three days delegates will travel along the gas chain, taking in key points including:

  • Upstream arrangements governing gas resources
  • Commercial risks associated with developing conventional and unconventional gas production
  • Selection of monetisation routes to market
  • Challenges faced in matching supply and demand build up
  • Importance of stakeholder management

The course is delivered through a series of interactive lectures and exercises designed to encourage discussion and enhance your understanding of how risk and reward is managed along the gas chain – as well as an understanding of why.

Running throughout the course is an ongoing scenario-based case study on the varying and often conflicting objectives of governments, upstream developers and gas markets. Delegates are assigned the role of one of the stakeholders and are required to develop a mutually agreeable project development solution that allows the objectives of each stakeholder to be met.

Benefits of attending

  • Delivered by commercial advisors and industry experts with a broad range of upstream experience
  • Gain insights from practical and real-life examples
  • Understand the challenges of shale and CBM compared to conventional resources
  • Structured to encourage discussion, interaction and knowledge transfer
  • Quality networking with industry professionals from around the world

Who should attend?

  • Professionals with at least two years’ experience in the gas industry
  • Those in emerging upstream provinces or developing downstream markets
  • Previous delegates of The Gas Chain course

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