Fundamentals of Commercial Gas Storage

Deepen your understanding of gas storage and the fundamentals of supply flexibility

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Fundamentals of Commercial Gas Storage

Course Overview

The Fundamentals of Commercial Gas Storage has been specially developed to help you acquire a strong understanding of the commercial gas storage industry and its place in the European gas industry. Over 3 days, we will teach you the rudiments of the conceptual storage framework and unravel the physical from the commercial elements of gas storage.

Attending this 3 day course will equip you with the tools to maximize value from storage through optimal use, be it real or virtual, short or long-term, or as a storage operator or a gas shipper developing your portfolio.

  • Whether flexibility of LNG supply will compliment or compete with flexibility in storage
  • How interactions between supply, demand, and prices determine the optimal use of storage
  • Whether there is an optimum balance between security of supply and profit maximization and how regulation influences this balance.
  • The relationship of future gas supply and demand patterns and requirement for storage
  • How to develop a gas storage contract through interactive business simulation

Benefits of attending

  • Focused and in-depth content: our approach is simple. We structure our programmes around the issues we know are important to you
  • Learn from the experts: the Alphatania faculty are actively advising major clients on key business issues, giving your new insights that can be used in your current role
  • Interactive and Dynamic delivery: Our training courses are structured to inspire discussion and knowledge transfer giving you the confidence to perform to a high standard in your current role
  • Quality Networking: By investing your time at our training courses you walk away better connected with delegates from all around the world

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