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20 March 2020

Covid-19: remaking the hydrocarbons industry in a world under attack

  • Covid-19 pandemic forecast to last beyond 2020
  • Russia and Saudi Arabia unlikely to blink on price war before June
13 March 2020

LNG in China – Part one: Covid-19 overshadows gas market reforms

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus, Covid-19, which began in the Chinese city of Wuhan and has since spread around the globe, has dominated the news agenda in 2020.

20 March 2020

ANALYSIS: Gas still in the money despite EU carbon price crash, at least for now

This week the European carbon sank to EUR 15.05/tonne, its lowest since November 2018.

03 December 2019

Breaking the deadlock: the Permian’s associated gas problem

Associated gas disposal is a real problem for producers in the Permian Basin, the prolific oil producing region in Texas which has played a major part in pushing US oil production to over 12 millio

03 March 2020

EDITORIAL: Beleaguered LNG sellers turn coronavirus into convenient scapegoat

The global coronavirus outbreak is proving to be a convenient scapegoat for gas and LNG companies struggling to adapt to challenging market conditions that have been years in the making.

06 March 2020

ANALYSIS: Covid-19 crashes crude, softening calls to tear up oil-linked LNG contracts

Global stock markets and the oil price plummeted on Friday as the economic ramifications from the novel coronavirus outbreak rippled around the world, leaving analysts struggling to agree on ...

29 November 2019

Twin tale: Coal takes centre stage in Malaysia as gas and LNG flatline

Straddling two geographical regions, Malaysia’s natural gas and LNG story also has two sides.

07 February 2020

ANALYSIS: Coronavirus crisis accelerates LNG market’s painful evolution

China’s response to the coronavirus outbreak has spawned hydra-headed crises that are now reverberating through global industries, disrupting supply chains and crashing commodity markets.

27 November 2019

Michel Ingenbleek, vice president of energy, CGI: “With blockchain, greenwashing is out of the equation”

Providing transparent and reliable accounting of carbon emissions and their reduction might be the next innovative use for blockchain technology in the energy industry, Michel Ingenbleek, vice pres

20 November 2019

Renewables and batteries: the new baseload?

While the gas industry remains hopeful that Europe’s power sector transition to zero carbon will be characterised by variable renewables supplemented by dispatchable gas for peaking and baseload, t

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