What we do

Gas Strategies is a professional services firm providing consultancy, information services and training in the global gas and LNG sectors. Founded in 1986, we have been at the leading edge of the gas & LNG industry for 30 years.

At the heart of our organisation is a real passion and innate knowledge of the gas industry. For the past three decades, we have remained at the forefront by constantly challenging the status quo, pushing ourselves to innovate, adapt and anticipate changes in the energy market.

Our consulting business is the backbone of our organisation and we have worked on some of the biggest and most successful gas & LNG projects around the world. Over the years, we have worked with industry leaders on high-profile projects and pioneered a number of breakthrough developments.

We also produce three unique publications – Gas Matters Today, Gas Matters and LNG Business Review. Using our network of gas & LNG experts and journalists, we continuously seek out the insight behind each story to provide a comprehensive view of the energy industry that is read and trusted by some of the world’s leading IOCs and a wide range of organisations.

And because we believe that clients achieve best results when their staff have detailed industry knowledge, we also offer comprehensive in-house training programmes designed to give participants an up-to-date understanding of key energy issues and detailed insight gained from delivering gas & LNG consultancy projects.

Based in London, we are proud of our global gas consulting footprint. Our dedicated energy consultants have developed a wide-ranging experience and expertise through work in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and the US and Canada.

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